Caledon Art & Wine Festival 2023

Nov 30, 2023 | Recreational, State Parks, Tourism

 The Friends of Caledon have a 17- year history of bringing the community together on the first weekend in November to enjoy art, wine, and our incredible state park, Caledon. Originally it was Art in the Park and  Ranger Sammy Zambon started the first collectors’ glass with the Oak Leaf. Then the next three featured John Shaw’s artwork, one being his Eagle. The collector tasting glasses that feature the park’s many animal species are included in the ticket. This year’s  artist is Savannah Patterson; the glass features the eastern Swallow tail butterfly. The rarest and most unusual glass is the black Fox.

The Friends of Caledon is a volunteer group that raises money to enhance the park experience for the public and 100 % of this money stays in the park. The Friends of Caledon use this 2 day event as an opportunity to educate the public about the park, conservation, and preservation. This is by far their largest fundraiser. The Friends of Caledon have attracted many local sponsors over the years and are grateful for the community’s support of this event.  This year they estimate the 2 day event had over 2000 attendees. 
The vendors included both local wineries as well as 6 other wineries, a  cidery and a meadery, along with nearly 25 artisans, 10 food vendors, and awesome local organizations like master naturalists, quilters, beekeepers, and animal rescuers!

This event is a must for your bucket list.